Meter Built Drafting / BIM Services

Meter Built Drafting offers BIM Services to consultants, contractor and construction firms around Australia. We help our clients by providing BIM MEP services for construction projects to facilitate project coordination, collaboration, asset management and cost optimization in design and construction stage.

We have team of qualified BIM technicians with 10 years’ experience according to Australian standards. We work from LOD 100 to LOD 500 standards of construction projects for MEP disciplines across every area including high rise buildings, hotels and convention centre, large commercial projects, schools, colleges, university buildings and etc.

Meter Built investigates the latest technology solutions from Autodesk to provide innovative BIM MEP solutions and services for our clients. We have capability to provide the most effective way to manage outsourced BIM & CAD projects in affordable rate.

Our approach:

-Detection of hard and soft clashes within MEP systems
-Listing the identified Clashes for action
-Modification of 3D models to comply with conflict free
-Clash free and streamlined installation of MEP systems

Few our BIM/Drafting Projects

Macquarie University, Upgrade Mechanical Plantroom

Our role: Provide Mechanical Drawings in Design stage

Sunbury Medical centre

Our Role: Provide MEP modelling and coordination to meet a clash-free model and Mechanical Workshop Drawings

Church st, Parramatta

Our role: Provide Mechanical/HVAC workshop Drawings

BIM Services

Wallace st, Blacktown

Our role: Provide BIM services and Mechanical/HVAC workshop Drawings