HVAC (Mechanical) Drafting Services

Meter Built assists consultants, contractors and builders with HVAC drafting services with high quality and precise coordination with reasonable prices that including commercial, residential, high rise, hospital, health care and industrial application. Our HVAC engineering services is best known for its feasibility and reliability throughout the construction projects in different areas.

Meter Built is a MEP BIM outsourcing company providing customized and ready to use Revit Family creation services. Our experts provide different standard and customize MEP families for various applications based on the client requirement and documentation.

HVAC Design and Drafting Services 

    • HVAC Pipes/ducts sizing and its Layout Design
    • Duct layout according to specification and AS code compliance
    • Accurate site measurement to model existing services
    • Co-ordination and /or share of co-ordination meetings
    • Undertake the lead/driver role in co-ordination meetings
    • MEP coordination & clash detection
    • Details, schedules, legends, piping and air schematic drawings
    • Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Generation
    • Creating various parametric families to suit client’s documentation
    • Determining diffrent users types and layouts

Design Stages 

    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Tender
    • Contract
    • Coordination
    • Workshop
    • As Built

Our Tools

    • Revit MEP
    • AutoCAD MEP
    • CAD Duct
    • Navisworks
    • Inventor

Meter Built advantages:

    • Cost Effective Pricing
    • Site measurement of existing services and coordinate with proposed layout
    • Accurate geometric representation
    • Clash-free design coordination
    • Construction Cost reduction by coordinated designs
    • Ease of modeling with standard specification and code compliance
    • Facility management

Meter Built have expertise in simulating, calculating and drafting all sorts of mechanical systems. Outsourcing HVAC modeling services allows companies to stay competitive by reducing delivery time and expenses on projects as per client specifications and costs to achieve quality output and improve efficiency. 

For any question about HVAC Drafting services call us on 1300 029 366 or complete the form.

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