Hydraulic Drafting Services

Meter Built provides highly professional Hydraulic Drafting Services (plumbing and firefighting services) for residential, commercial, hospital and different applications. Our plumbing design services are committed to provide accurate and highly effective plumbing engineering solutions in adherence with industry standards. We have experienced plumbing engineers, who can design the inside and outside plumbing systems of building.

Hydraulic Drafting Services 

    • Drawing of domestic water supply system
    • Sanitary system drafting
    • Riser Diagrams, isometric plumbing drawings and schematics
    • Drafting plumbing pipe networks
    • Shop and as -built drawings
    • Piping construction and CAD designs
    • Domestic and commercial Cold and Hot Water System layouts
    • Plumbing diagram and standard plumbing drafting

In our Hydraulic BIM Services and plumbing system designs, we add details from LOD 100 to LOD 400, to assist MEP contractors to make informed decisions. We offer 3D, 4D and 5D BIM services as per the requirement of the clients. BIM services give the complete report of the construction cost, logistics and scheduling. Our BIM experts improves the coordination among the various disciplines including architecture, structural and mechanical.

We take responsibility of working on your project by eliminating your overhead employee cost, project management cost and maximize your profits. You can outsource your MEP Plumbing Drafting Services without worrying about your fixed cost, instead focus on your core competencies.

Meter Built Expertise

    • Sanitary and drainage drawings
    • Tradewaste system drawings
    • Rainwater and surface water drainage drawings
    • Domestic cold and hot water system layouts
    • Compressed air gas system plan drawings
    • Water supply and distribution plan drafting services
    • Fire hydrant and hose reel drawings
    • Sleeve, inserts, hanger drawings
    • Plumbing shop/as built drawings
    • Detecting and solving clashes

Why us

    • Cost Effective Pricing
    • Timely Delivery
    • Regular site inspection
    • Quality Assurance
    • Certified Professional
    • Wide pool of experience
    • Innovative and Cutting-Edge technology
    • Supportive Consultancy

It is worthy enough to be mentioned that we are not only restricted to above Plumbing design services. All kind of customized problems are welcomed whole heartedly by our experts as it let them prove their skill and expertise. The innovative approach towards a problem is one of our biggest strengths.

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